Advenir - Micha Vanony

12 octobre 2012   |   659
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Until now a best-kept secret of the beatmaker scene, French producer Micha Vanony prepares to steal the spotlight with the release of his second album "Advenir". Blending together enigmatic atmospheres with typically mental sound architectures of beatmaking, this new album showcases the versatile influences and rich musical background of one of the most promising producers around.

“Advenir” redefines the electronic/beat genre, pushing its boundaries further out. With a radical approach, Micha Vanony manages to carefully merge hybrid sounds with bewitched beats, odd-tronica, mental hip-hop, deconstructed heavy bass lines, spasmodic keyboards and spatial soundscapes for a brilliant result.

Micha Vanony is a beatmaker from Monte Carlo, France. Known as a unusual producer, over the years he has been involved in a wide range of music genres, for example in contemporary music where he worked with icons of the experimental music scene such as Pierre Henry or François Bayle. He rapidly left that hermetic circle to work on his own productions and sound installations. In 2010, he released his first record "Devenir", an exciting album displaying influences of hip-hop, funk, and futuristic and experimental visions of free jazz. Micha Vanony is also a sound teacher at the School of Fine Arts.

“Advenir” is Micha’s rich and intelligent contribution to the new beat scene, and will please curious fans of electronic music.

For fans of: Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Mr Dibiase,…

Mental Groove Record - Studio Phebe's

« Le Flying Lotus de Monaco " - 90BPM

" Micha évolue plus que jamais dans le grand bain ". Trax magazine

" L’album le plus pointu en matière de beatmaking que j’ai écouté cette année ". The Chemistry Magazine

"Aucun compromis malgré les délires, les hallucinations et les charades sonores qui apparaissent à nos oreilles à l'écoute d'Advenir, au contraire, une grande part du travail réside précisément dans cette atmosphère à la fois séduisante et surréelle." Vice Magazine Portugal

"Terrestrement parlant on dirait que Micha Vanony est un « artiste électronique non conformiste », mais en fait… c’’est un extraterrestre ! " KR Home-Studio Magazine